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Backflow prevention is a crucial part of protecting your home from contaminated water. If your plumbing system is not adequately protected, your entire home can be at risk. An issue with backflow can not only cause contaminated water to enter your home's water supply but can also threaten the health of your family.

Moret Plumbing LLC provides backflow prevention services in Harvey, LA. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured that our work is always done right the first time by plumbers who really know their stuff.

To find out more about backflow prevention services or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or call (504) 688-7171.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow in a plumbing system refers to an unwanted reversal of water flow, often carrying contaminants and pollutants that can infiltrate your clean water supply. Normally, water should flow in one direction—from the public water system or your well into your home and then out through your sewer line. However, due to unexpected pressure changes in the pipes, water can be pushed backward.

This can pose significant health risks, especially if hazardous chemicals or fecal matter contaminate your clean water supply. Therefore, it's crucial to recognize the signs of backflow in your home to rectify the problem promptly.

Key indicators of backflow include:

  • Noticeable decrease in water pressure
  • Discoloration of the water
  • Unpleasant smell or taste in the water
  • Recurring gastrointestinal problems in household members
  • Unexpected water bill spikes

If you notice any of these signs, reach out to a professional plumbing service like Moret Plumbing LLC for immediate assistance.

How Do Backflow Prevention Devices Work?

Backflow Prevention Devices are special types of equipment installed into your plumbing system to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction. These devices work on a simple principle: they allow water to flow in only one direction and automatically shut if there is any reverse flow of water.

Louisiana approves several types of backflow prevention devices to protect your water supply. Speak with your plumber to confirm that the backflow prevention device you are using is up to state and/or municipal codes.

Depending on your specific needs and plumbing configuration, one of the following three types of backflow prevention devices may be suitable:

  • Anti-siphon vacuum breakers: These devices prevent backflow by creating a physical barrier in your pipes, preventing contaminated water from siphoning back into your clean water supply.
  • Reduced pressure zone backflow preventers: These devices utilize a reduced pressure zone to ensure water cannot flow back into your clean water supply. They are known for their reliability and are often used in high-hazard situations.
  • Pressure-type vacuum breakers equipped with gate or ball valves and test cocks: These complex devices use a combination of pressure manipulation and physical barriers to prevent backflow. They come equipped with gate or ball valves for easy shutoff and test cocks for periodic testing to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Our expert plumbers at Moret Plumbing LLC will help you choose the most suitable backflow prevention device based on the specific needs of your home or business. Once selected, our team will professionally install the device, ensuring it functions properly to protect your water supply. After installation, regular maintenance checks are performed to ensure the device's reliability, further safeguarding your home from the threat of backflow.

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You need to have your plumbing system protected. Moret Plumbing LLC has the experience and knowledge to help you do so, from backflow prevention testing to installing a new backflow prevention device on your system.

As a locally owned and operated plumbing company, we understand the value of good customer service and work. We are your go-to backflow prevention specialists in Harvey, and we are ready to put our years of experience to work for you.

To schedule backflow prevention testing or installation in Harvey, contact Moret Plumbing LLC today at (504) 688-7171 or send us a message online.

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